Our Features

Zero data loss

Never loos patient data. And instantly retrieve all the data you want

Multiple work. One application

Get done all the work with one system

Easy print

No more setting up. Just plug your printer and start printing reports

Manage it on the go

Easy configuration. Change whatever you want whenever you want

We are at your service

Get the support of our technical team whenever you feel you need it

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Lets get in to details

LRMS is a report and patient data management system designed to use in the medical laboratories. It is a ready to use software package. You can install it and start it using from the moment it get installed in your system.

We can work online and offline. If you have an internet connection we recommend you to use the online solution to prevent any data losses. Our application only internet to backup your data so don't your internet bill wont get large.

If you have your own web server we can setup everyithing there. If you don't have any don't worry we can provide you with a web server for very low price.

Zero data loss

We know how much patient data would matters to you. Therefor or system will protect your data with extra care. We will sync your data with the cloud so that the data will stay there forever. No matter what happens to your physical computers were our application is installed your data will be radially available for you in a secure place in the cloud

Multiple work. One application

We know how things can be get completed even in a small place. We will cover all the work which you have to manage through our application. Manage your workforce well assign them to different tasks and monitor the progress of each work. If you need more features just let us know we are ready to give you whatever you want in our application